Pasture Planting and Spraying

Improve Your Crops

Falling yield on your farm? Dumping lime on your soil but not seeing any results? 

When it comes to soil health, it can feel like you’re being pulled in a dozen directions and told a million ways to improve your crops.

If you’re frustrated with expensive fertilizers and additives doing nothing meaningful for your farm year after year, we can help. 

Spark Nutrition provides comprehensive soil health and agronomy consultations for full-scale agriculture operations, local gardeners, and small-scale food plots alike. 

We help farmers optimize their soil to grow incredible produce, increase crop yield, and make farming easier and healthier than ever with non-synthetic fertilizers and additives. Our analyses and regenerative farming programs have been proven to turn most land around within one year, with full benefits by year three.

Our Soil Health Services

We’re helping farmers restore their land and bring back tried-and-true farming practices that not only improve crop yield and reduce workload on the farmer, but also reduce costs and risk of downstream conservation impacts off the farm. 

Did you know that truly regenerative farming practices can completely eliminate the need for weed control products like glyphosate? 

It’s true, and within a few years, your farm could be there too.

Grow healthier produce and animals – and save time & money while you do it – with non-synthetic fertilizers, and proven regenerative farming habits by Spark Nutrition.

Regenerative farming consultations and plans

Soil testing & analysis

Fertilizer and mineral optimization

3-year restoration programs

Crop rotation programs

How Spark Nutrition’s Soil & Nutrition Analyses Work

1. Get a Free Soil Analysis

It starts with a free analysis and soil testing on your farm, after which we’ll explain what’s lacking in your soil, why, and some of the first steps that can help restore your soil’s growing capabilities. 

We test for ALL major vitamins and minerals, not just the big three (calcium, phosphorous, and pH).

Our soil test is absolutely free, and you can do anything you like with our analysis.

  • Our 3-year programs often cost the same as you’re spending ANNUALLY today, meaning over 65% cost-savings compared to your conventional program. 

2. Enjoy Your Results

Within one year, you can expect to see changes to your field, crops, produce, and animal health. 

Within three years, our clients are seeing meaningfully increased yield, healthier plants, deeper, stronger roots, and using less synthetic chemicals than ever before. 

Benefits Of Improving Soil Health With Spark Nutrition

  • Vibrant, lush crop and produce growth
  • Resilient soil that will better withstand drought and seasonal conditions
  • Increased yield on your farm, from crops to animals
  • Lower costs for soil additives yearly
  • No GMOs or synthetic fertilizers
  • “No nonsense”

Our fertilizer partner Pro-Soil has been helping farmers in the Western U.S. for over 15 years, and seeing the success, farmers in the East are increasingly adopting these proven programs, at better prices than synthetic materials. 

The inputs into our soil additives are much less expensive than synthetic materials. And because Pro-Soil is a small company, they don’t have the same profit incentives in place as giant fertilizer companies. Pro-Soil and Spark Nutrition are here for the soil.