What We Offer

Horse Nutrition

When it comes to looking after our horses’ nutrition, we know you want the best for them, just like we do! That’s why we’ve spent so much time researching different options and testing out different solutions to be sure the Spark Nutrition Equine Supplement Line is the best it can possibly be – years of hard work have gone into perfecting it!

Deer Nutrition

Deer and property owners of all sizes will reap incredible benefits from Spark Nutrition’s deer herd supplements! They’re unbeatable when it comes to stimulating bone growth, increasing antler size, aiding gut health, and boosting reproductive capabilities. If you’re a professional deer breeder or looking to attract stunning bucks to your hunting grounds, Spark Nutrition has just the right solutions for you.

Nutrition Consulting

At Spark Nutrition, we understand the importance of having healthy soil and wanted to make a difference in the farming community. That’s why we take great pride in offering comprehensive soil health and agronomy consultations to anyone and everyone – ranging from full-scale agriculture operations to backyard gardeners and small-scale food plots. 

Our non-synthetic fertilizers and additives not only help you grow incredible produce, they also maximize crop yield while making the entire farming process easier and healthier than ever. You’ll start seeing the benefits shortly after starting up with us – many of our clients notice substantial results within one year, and fully reaped rewards within three!