Deer Nutrition

Effective Solutions

Deer get critical vitamins and minerals from their diet as they browse, but throughout most of the world, soil and foliage simply don’t provide enough nutrients for amazing deer growth and health.

For bone growth, antler size, gut health, and reproductive capabilities, Spark Nutrition’s deer herd supplements can’t be beat, providing incredible benefits for deer and properties of all sizes. 

Whether you’re raising deer professionally or you simply want to create a habitat for amazing bucks on your hunting ground, Spark Nutrition has effective solutions. 

  • Grow larger, healthier deer that will love your land as they thrive
  • Protect the health of your herd from common deer ailments
  • Preserve and protect your ground and farm from sickly deer that over-browse

Herd Helper Supplement

A powdered supplement formulated to provide essential trace minerals, vitamins, and amino acids critical to deer health and a productive, growing herd. Includes Redmond™ salt, yeast concentration, irresistible granny apple flavor, and high calcium for bone and antler structure.

Utilizes 4-plex chelated minerals, which are better absorbed and deployed than non-chelated minerals.

Lower salt content and highly fortified with vitamins and minerals for better reproduction, improved health, and bone growth.

Higher calcium content because deer will hold extra calcium in the skeletal structure as a reserve for antler growth!

Includes vitamin A, a critical nutrient in reproductive health, and vitamin E for healing after antlers are shed, enhanced antler growth, and improved reproductive efficiency.

Features vitamin D for its anti-oxidative powers, critical to calcium and phosphorus use in the body.

What Makes DeeRx Different?

First, we’ve spent nearly a decade optimizing large animal supplements for on and off the farm. Our DeeRx formula is designed to provide optimal nutrition for the entire herd, growing larger, sturdier, and healthier deer. 

Second, we stick with the good stuff in our deer supplements. Many competing products and big-box-store deer supplements contain considerable amounts of salt simply because it’s what deer like to eat. But salt alone won’t grow healthier deer! 

Our formula contains the right amount of salt to keep deer engaged and returning, but accompanied by necessary minerals and vitamins to grow sturdier and healthier animals. 

No gimmicks – just great nutrition for your deer.

Guaranteed Analysis

Calcium (min) – 17.00%
Calcium (max) – 18.00%
Phosphorous (min) – 8.55%
Salt (min) – 19.95%
Salt (max) – 20.95%
Sodium (min) – 8.65%
Sodium (max) – 8.75%
Magnesium (min) – 1.25%
Potassium (min) – 0.01%
Sulfur (min) – 0.40%
Cobalt (min) – 64.00 ppm
Selenium (min) – 30.50 ppm
Copper (min) – 536.00 ppm
Iodine (min) – 25.00 ppm
Zinc (min) – 3506.00 ppm
Manganese (min) – 1415.00 ppm
Vitamin A (min) – 128,100 IU/lb
Vitamin D (min) – 31,000 IU/lb
Vitamin E (min) – 512 IU/lb
Choline – 250 g/lb
Lysine – 0.10%
Methionine – 0.15%

Deer Food Plot Seeds & Services

Spark Nutrition’s food plot seeds for deer are precisely what you need to attract, retain, and harvest big, sturdy deer before hunting season. 

These food plot seed mixtures are designed to not only attract and keep big deer, but to improve your soil health native seeds and restorative ingredients. Full of native, non-GMO seeds with no weird or unnatural alterations, you’ll love the ease of our food plot mixtures – and the results. 

NU FUEL (Perennial Mix)

Seed Mix: Balansa Clover ‘Fixation’, Red Clover (Medium Red), Ladino Clover, Alfalfa ‘Buffalo’

This is a perennial blend of the best clover and alfalfa. Drought resistant and designed for heavy traffic areas. We recommend planting in fall with cereal grain nurse crop for best results.

Available in 5 and 10lbs plant at 10lbs/acre

HIPRO MAX (Spring/Summer Mix)

Seed Mix: Lab Lab, Iron-Clay Cowpea, Sunn Hemp, Peredovik Sunflower, Partridge Pea, Hairy Vetch, Buckwheat

A unique seed blend that’s high in protein, with five different legumes to boost nitrogen in the soil. It’s designed for drought resistance and to withstand grazing pressure. When planted in larger plots, it provides the right nutrients to sustain an entire deer herd all summer long. We recommend rotating this crop with our Hi-Habitation blend for ultimate soil health. Seeding dates are when the soil reaches 60 to 70 degrees in spring (approximately late May or early June) and provide adequate moisture till roots are established.

Available in 12.5lbs & 25lbs, plant at 25lbs/acre

HI HABITATION (Spring/Summer Mix)

Seed Mix: Hybrid Grain Sorghum, Foxtail Millet, Forage Wheat ‘Roane’, Lab Lab, Peredovik Sunflower

An ideal seed choice for small food plots or rocky soil, this high-tonnage blend with tall vegetation provides cover for birds and other wildlife. Has great soil benefits by adding carbon back into the soil. Seeding dates are when the soil reaches 60 to 70 degrees in spring (approximately late May or early June) and provide adequate moisture till roots are established.

Available in 10lbs & 20lbs, plant at 20lbs/acre

MASTER MEAL (Fall/ Winter Mix)

Seed Mix: Hybrid Brassica ‘Jackpot’, Turnips ‘Purple Top’, Dwarf Essex Rape, Radish ‘Badger Daikon’, Chicory, Crimson Clover

This deer seed blend features a hardy mix of brassicas with annual clover to return in spring and is great for large or small plots. Plant 6 to 8 weeks before the first frost. Drill or broadcast into a existing summer blend and you’ll be holding deer on your property year-round!

Available in 5 and 10lbs, plant at 10lbs/acre

Food Plot Services

Spark Nutrition also does food plot consultations! 

It starts with a soil analysis to assess your soil’s deficiencies and needs before we advise on quality fertilizers and seeds to provide a high-quality food plot for your deer. 

You can DIY the plot, or we provide comprehensive no-drill food plot creation services, including spring planting and fall planting to guarantee incredible deer results. 

Call today to learn more about our supplements, seed mixes, and food plot services for your ground.