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Spark Nutrition started with the pursuit of better horse health on our own farm and with our own animals. 

Spark founder Matthew Fisher set out to find an optimized and affordable equine supplement. Tired of throwing money at mineral supplements that didn’t really seem to “do” anything, he dug into the science of equine health and partnered with a regional manufacturer to create a custom blend.

Within months, Fisher knew he was onto something powerful. 

A shinier, more luxurious haircoat, harder hoof walls, and more energy were just a few of the benefits we saw within 1-2 months of starting horses on this first iteration of Spark Nutrition’s equine supplement. We passed it out to neighbors and friends, and the reviews kept coming back stellar. “Why aren’t you selling this?!” said one nutrition specialist who knew our herd.

Nearly a decade later and with continued refinement and formula optimization, Spark Nutrition has become a leading provider of equine and deer supplements, helping farmers and hunters grow healthy, energetic, and long-lasting animals. That’s trickled into our soil consultations, too, where we’re helping farmers restore their ground for healthier animals at every step. 

With deep nutritional analysis and better pricing for a superior product, Spark Nutrition stands apart from the herd.

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